My Sister Inlaw is Using Voodoo Dolls

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Salaam Segh .Maalf to have bothered , but my live has turn for the worse , and my kids are suffering . As a mother of 4 kids , 2 are out of the house , and 2 is at school.We rented a house , but the landlord sold the house to druglords , we where gun raided out of the house in 7 days . My brother in law offer his bungalow for us . We live in his bungalow , but things got worse Boeta . I tried to take my own live so many time . Then my husband have a job , but after 2 weeks , his out of a job . Then I found out that my sister inlaw is using voodoo dolls , I still have the copy from facebook . We struggle everyday . In our time of weakness I play lotto and so , but no luck . My husband is a mechanic , he work on his brother’s yard , but Law Enforcement where phoned , the police were phoned , so we have no income .My husband do odd jobs by the clients house . I was daignose with a Tumor behind my right eye that left me blind , I’m waiting for the operation . Out of desperation , I send over 40 emails to rich people for financial help. But no one ever return an email back . Today I sit with tears in my eyes and a heart that is in pieces . We are planning to move to Jhb by the end of the year Inshallah , but as things look now , I doubt that , we got notice to move from the yard .KANALA is there any way Segh can HELP my kids out of this suffering . Every day I must ask or beg and plea by family and friends to help with money for food . I’m so so so tired Segh . Shukran for ready my email in Your busy time . May The Mercy And Grace of Allah Guide us .

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