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Tasneem J Dubai - UAE

Greetings to every one that is reading this testimony. I have been rejected by my husband after 10 years of marriage just because another woman had a spell on him and he left me and the kid to suffer. one day when I was reading through the web, i saw a post on how this spell caster on this website, that have helped a woman to get back her husband and I gave him a reply to his address and he told me that a woman had a spell on my husband and he told me that he will help me and after 5 days that I will have my husband back. I believed him and today I am glad to let you know that this spell caster has done it with his power to bring my husband back. I'm now happy with my husband. Thanks for dr.Moosa.

Ann powell from New york -US
Ann Powell New York - US

Hello guys,

I used to think magic was bogus but after Martin, my sweet boyfriend left me I felt open-minded to try it. Maybe I was desperate too. But this is real! You restored the love we had for each other. And now he proposed as you promised he would! I am your friend forever and very grateful for all of this. I will come back again. I'm very happy that I contacted dr Moosa for help, kindly check my profile picture for more info and contact me for recommendations about dr Moosa.

Eileen Wallace Ottawa - Canada
Hello everyone, it really worked for me and I'm proud to give testimony too. My husband left me for another girl. I felt very bad but I expected him to come back to me. One day, I saw a message about how a lady met her husband and I decided to prove to this prophet that he helped her because my relationship was failing. Although I never believed in spiritual work. I tried reluctantly because I was desperate, but to my great surprise, this psychic helped me and my relationship are perfect now, since he told me that my husband now treats me like a queen, even when he told me he does not love me anymore never more. Well, I can not say much, but if you are going through difficulties in your relationship try dr Moosa, Your partner will definitely come back to you .. Or WhatsApp me @ +163152305726. to verify my testimony.
Maulice Colburg got money from dr.Moosa when she bought amayembe spirits
‎Lacy Tulloch‎ Alexander City, United States

I want to share this great testimony of how Dr. Moosa helped me to restore my financial status, I was totally dancing in poverty. The bank sold all my properties because of failing to pay a loan, then During my search for a solution I came into contact with Dr.Moosa and through his help, I managed to get enough money again to buy my properties back within 8 weeks. So with this, I am so brave to advise anyone looking for a way to get back on feet towards money problems to contact Dr.Moosa. Thanks a lot.

the one they call, the Miracle Man, Medium dr moosa of God
Michael Paul Rehoboth, Namibia

I have been through hell and pain, looking for a good and real spell caster who can help me
get my lost job back after unfair dismissal by my boss. Fortunately, I found the real and
great spell caster Dr. Moosa who helped me, and he solved my other problem concerning my wife who left me eight months ago when I had no work and money to support the family.and after that I also took my friend along, who was also having the same problem concerning his wife, who left him since five months ago, and the problem was also solved by the same spiritual healer dr.Moosa in cape town, South Africa. CANT YOU SEE! the real and great spell caster is here, all you need to do now is to contact this same address whenever you are in any problem related to spell casting. If you want to prove me my refer contact no. +264 697 870320

How rich men in Africa
Kagiso Monyadiwa Johannesburg , South Africa

Money is no more problems for me these days!  I just use remote magic password and money fall on me, I thought it was a joke when some of the people said money can fall from the roof by magic, but I witness it myself, we're in a group of rich gang young boys transformed by dr. Moosa money magic spells, Dr.Moosa is the real money magic master who transforms every person who wants money to become no more problem. I loved money too much but not anymore, I begin to hate money because it's too much on me. thank you master Moosa

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