Hi, I’m Dr.Mama Jembe at Good Wood, Psychic Medium & Healer.
My practice is based in Goodwood, Cape Town, South Africa
Being passionate about healing and experiencing how through my ability as a Psychic, Medium &
Healer I can help others I’ve made it my life
purpose to work with clients to deliver guidance,
facilitate transformation and healing.
With my connection to Spirit I am able to provide
you with accurate Psychic Readings and future
predictions that covers those aspects of your life
where guidance is most needed
  • in order for you to move forward in a positive way and,
  • feel empowered and confident about yourself and your future

My Services are about YOU and helping you when you…

  • are standing at a crossroad in life and don’t know which way to go
  • need clarity and direction on a specific area of your life; relationships, career, business, finances etc.
  • want to see and know what is manifested for your future
  • want to connect to your Guides and/or loved ones on the other side
  • you have been through a traumatic and/or stressful experience and need healing
  • you hold limiting believes about yourself and others; keeping you stuck and repeating the same experiences in life

During our time together my focus is on your individual experiences and current reality; therefore each session is non-prescriptive and individually tailored – providing you with insight and answers that makes sense to you.

I would love to connect with you in-person, via
phone or email to help you find the guidance and healing you seek.

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