Effective money spell

This may be the money generating service you've been looking for: "If you need to improve the bad financial situation immediately. Not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow. But today!" This remarkable money spell could bring you immediate cash

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Psychic medium consultation

Get real answers to your pressing questions live or Online Psychic consultation! Satisfaction is guaranteed. Safe, Secure & Private. All the best psychic reading in 1 Place. 100% Anonymous & Private. First Session Starts Free.

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Magical Love spells

Dr.Moosa powerful love spells are on high demand, especially if you have lost your lover, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, family whether all the efforts that you have tried have failed and there is no way that you can get your love back. If you are stuck in such a situation, then this spell is meant for you.

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Penis enlargement medicines

Penis enlargement products: The herbalist healer Dr.Moosa will make sure you get a good size of penis that will satisfy your partner with thick, strong ,hard and long dick. Cash on delivery accepted. Quick discreet express posting services: Penis enlargement oil, weak erection, low libido, early ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive and a lot more. Even If old age is the cause, That wont be a problem!


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Magic court case spells resolve legal matters.

All Legal cases are resolved immediately whether civil or criminal law. Even if a person is jailed for life or a short jail term and all pending cases by the court judges. The court case spells by Dr.Moosa works extremely well to enforce legal disputes between both sides parties resolved quickly and a jailed Victim released. A legal matter could take up to 3 years before it's heard or decided by the court judges, so it's important we help you with effective natural magical ways.

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Quality organic herbal medicine that cures

Strictly pure organic natural herbal medicine from nature, tradition, plants roots spiritually empowered to serve the purpose of healing and cure every illness, disease and human natural related problems. Dr.Moosa herbal treatment is surely a proven medicinal project for purely natural health care. All solutions for HIV, blood pressures, herpes, Cancer, dermatologic problems, diabetes and many more.

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Tell me how soon do you want assistance and results!

Discuss all your problems with the authentic traditional healer of A Herbalist Affair Dr. Moosa. (All confidentialities are kept safe)

                                                 Trust me, I have been in this service for 10+yrs without changing contacts & workplace!

Contact Dr.Moosa for the available assistance you need for the following problems.

Reunites separated lovers and families back together, Removes bad luck, Stress, Misfortune, Solves students bad performance at school, Bring back lost a lover, Makes people get employed, Helps in getting money, Loans, Removes banks blacklist, Mend broken relationships, Solves Marriage problems,  Fixes court matters or legal cases,  Protect from daily accidents or dangers in life, Removes darkness in life, Protection from making mistakes, daily disappointments, domestic problems, Cleanse homes and business from evil eyes, Fix financial problems, Hate lade, Recover back stolen items, Fight witchcraft and destroy evil spirits, Gives good luck, Removes and destroy evil demons, Attracts sales in business, Removes family disputes, Cure long illness, Insanity, Solves pregnancy difficulties, Protections from miscarriages, Removes satanism, Bad spirits and bad luck cleansing, Removes bad behavior, Bad smoking, Rehabilitation, Interpreter of dreams or Nightmares, Cast spells, Offers counsellings, Palm reading and prophecy with many more.  (All done at a negotiable consultation fee)


Disclaimer: These services fall under nature, traditions, norms and guided by spiritual belief which is strictly different from medical health sciences. I'm not a medical doctor or against any body's religious belief. You deserve all the rights to seek further opinions before the use of services here. Please use these services at your sole discretion. Read more. Thanks for the support.

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