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Maulice Colburg got money from dr.Moosa when she bought amayembe spirits
My name is Maulice Colburg from Australia  working at a company called Cool Box. My company was at dead end to corrupts  some people told me its witch craft done to me and I contacted healers from Nigeria  and Togo  what they did is to cheat me ,take most of my company money for nothing until I gave up. Sometimes later  I had a sleepless nights thing of what I should do someone who have been running a company ,enjoying leisure life. What am I going to explain to my kids in future if I fail completely. I was Googling on internet  then I saw a website of a man  claiming to be the most powerful spiritual doctor in the whole world. I wondered and thought these are the people conning other of their sweated money. When I checked on testimonies on his website ,luckily enough I picked a testimony of person who was familiar to me  because I recognised her face  and she showed her email, phone numbers  which attracted me to give a try to contact the person  on the given contact details which was a surprise because they were not fake ,they were going through. I called her asked whether dr.Moosa helped her as he claims. She said its true  then I decided to start inquiring with Dr.Moosa's  spiritual products which is called AMAYEMBE spirits.  Then he asked me for amount of $4500.  I didn't have that amount and I had to borrow it from the bank which I did. then I sent it to him through Money gram . After few weeks he sent me a password  and a spell that I should use it after he perform rituals from his side for me to call Amayembe spirits in my house for them to start to work for me. To cut story short I did whatever required and later I started to receive money in plenty notes ,I mean cash every where and now I have all .  I wouldn't have post this testimony but its something I promised this great spiritual doctor (Doctor Moosa) and now am fulfilling it.  Dear master healer Doctor Moosa from Africa , I thank you for a great work you are doing to help us ,you are God sent healer to the world with your miracle powers. I can't stop to thank you for ever. Yours Daughter Mulice Colburg  from  Melbourne- Australia
Name is Maulice colburg
Name is Elona Moakom am from Sweden
Elona Moakom am from Sweden,
My Name is Elona Moakom am from Sweden, i can't stop laughing because i cant just believe this is happening to me after 4 years of heart broke due to  broken relationship where i have contacted lots of spell casters all they did was to take my money and bring some stories without bringing back my lover. I cried to God that he should send my helper to locate me and truly as i prayed i just walked to a garden where i sat down and i over heard some people saying great things about Dr Moosa and this Dr Moosa has helped lots of people,how he has helped them in their relationship. I went to meet someone a a friend of mine whom i  told my problem and she  smiled and told me not to worry that Dr Moosa  is the best in this issues ,i will get everything solved. So she gave me Dr Moosa contact which then i called him and spoke to him and i told him my problem Dr Moosa just told me not to worry that my lover will come back to my arms within 18 hours. I dint believed in him at first because i was totally disappointed by other people like him before. He just said believe me  i will  never disappoint  you like other people.   I receive  so many that worried than you. Afterwards i took chances with him but after some days along , i surprised for me to see within 18 hours was a call from Harry who left me for good 4 years i cried out and he came to me and told me to forgive him which i did and he said to prove to me that he will never leave me for any reason he made me had access to his account, ATM Pin number, And he let me inherit all his life properties he denied me access from all times of our marriage for years  to me and made me his beneficiary to everything he owns am just so happy because i feel am the most happiest woman in this word. All this happened with the help of DR moosa and you can contact him on drmoosa2@gmail.com or cell number +2783261944
How rich men in Africa
Hi Everyone... for confidentiality reasons I cant say who I am but here's my story... I lost alot in life..and not only material things but even my family attention, relationships and trust because of poverty.. Last year I lost my business due to faults of my own in early January..After two months of crying and feeling helpless as I prayed very much to God to give me a second chance of having my business back, I started searching the net to see if there is any help at all that would change my situation around. I then came accross Dr Moosa's website call it fate or destiny that brought me here.. In all honesty I was very sceptical but also desperate at the same time, anything was worth a try. I called Dr Moosa who spoke to me at lenght about my situation and I decided to go ahead with the money making spirits. Now its a year into it I am begining to see results that I never expected AMAZING..Money is not my problem anymore , i even realised the business i had before was not my type, Am now a popular businessman of importer and exporter here in my country. i have got a manufacturing company well performing and successful so I have asked Dr Moosa to cast a protection spell to make sure i stay Happy with Everything After...i will keep reffering everyone to him. Am sure My Financial Problems Are Over. All I can say is "THANK YOU Doctor Moosa YOU ARE THE BEST" Posted By: SQ Republic Of Malawi
My Financial Problems Are Over
testimonuals given to drmoosa services
Dear Dr.moosa , I was Looking for Spells to Stop My Divorce and Save My Marriage. Now because of you I am living a happy married life and also my love life is restored. Thanks for Saving My Marriage. Your love and protection marriage spells have done wonders in my entire life. I will always run to you for help, I believe your ancestral powers are beyond human imagination, Bonny M.  California-USA.   Received from: Email: bonmax@broxbrie.ca
Bonny M. California-USA.
Happy for a good services provided by drmoosa
Dear Moosa
I emailed you about three months ago, explaining my situation that I had become obsessed with my own business and because of this my wife left me. I know it was my own fault, anyway I ordered your binding spell and over the weeks I noticed her text messages were becoming friendlier towards me. Also, the way I felt was different towards my work and I finally achieved a work/life balance. My wife and I decided to give it another go, and we went to the Capetown, it felt like a second honeymoon. We are now blissfully happy, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart Moosa. You helped and without you i wouldn't have made it on my own.
David Centurion
Testimony obtained from a witness
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Cindy Trim Sermons
Hello every body, am Cindy and i am here to testify on how doctor Moosa help me to cure my sickness disease called HIV/AIDS which has been eating me up for 2 years and 4 months, and when i went online i saw his email on how he cured so many people, so i emailed him and him my problems,and he tell all that is necessary needy for the healing, after that day he gave me an assurance of 4 days of his healing, and said i should go for a medical check up on the 5th day of which i get to the hospital the new result now shows am HIV negative. And now am so happy and free from it thanks to Dr.moosa. Please if there is any one in need of his help should kindly contact him drmoosa@hotmail.com or you can call him on +27783261944   See website: http://www.drmoosa.webs.com
My name is Sgt. Peteruis Bueke from Pretoria ,South Africa

Dear powerful healer dr.moosa

My name is Sgt. Peteruis Bueke from Pretoria ,South Africa

Am very sorry to judge you before i used your services, i really praise your powers,Doc guess what? My treason court case was dismissed,  and another surprise for you the gambling charm you gave , I won a casino jackpot of (R Five million rands)  2 weeks after my court case to be dismissed. But i want you to protect my money so that i  don't spend it uselessly  and is it possible doctor to look for me a good house to buy ? because i don't want to buy evil house with bad luck.  Thank you my master. I will keep on telling every one about you.

Even if you want me to go to television stations and radios i will do please my doctor.

Received from: anonymous caller    time:07:56:01

Sgt. Peteruis Bueke from Pretoria ,South Africa
testimonuals given to drmoosa services
Bonny M. California-USA.
Dear Dr.moosa , I was Looking for Spells to Stop My Divorce and Save My Marriage. Now because of you I am living a happy married life and also my love life is restored. Thanks for Saving My Marriage. Your love and protection marriage spells have done wonders in my entire life. I will always run to you for help, I believe your ancestral powers are beyond human imagination, Bonny M.  California-USA.   Received from: Email: bonmax@broxbrie.ca
Let me testify on Doctor Moosa’s Services

Hello everyone,

Am by name Lydia

I want to use this great opportunity to testify for what drmoosa@hotmail.com has done in my life. I and my cool worker had a court case together and i have nobody to stand for me and all my friends and partner have been telling me of this great man,how he has been helping a lot of people by casting magical spell to rule and win but i keep wondering until i decided to contact him on +27783261944 and also Email him so i was able to explain my situation to him and he promise me help. I did what he told me to do and still kept doubting him,but with the spell of victory he cast for me,on the next morning that's how i win the case with my partner and also cast a spell for me to bring my ex boyfriend back to me infact i can't say much because am so so happy for what he has done in my life in fact i owe him my. Life. So i will use this chance to let you know that whatever problem you are facing today just contact this great man for help indeed he's great. You can get to him by EMAIL:drmoosa@hotmail.com or call +27783261944 for help he's great. I am 100% sure Dr Moosa will help you also, Try him.
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