the one they call, the Miracle Man, Medium dr moosa of God
the one they call, the Miracle Man, Medium dr moosa of God
Hello Dr. Moosa
My name is  Jehoshaphat.  Am not sure what to make it but i feel as though my soul is somehow tainted or what not. My talents are writing and communication and i have a great memory. I always loved illustration and in my latest teens i gradually delve into metaphysics and even later into mythology and folklore, largely inspired by African mysticism. I'm 24 now and I came across some interesting revelations in my studies and research in past years and it changed the way i view the world to this day.
I feel a certain warmness or an urge to dress the world in ways never done before even now. Early on however at about 19 I was online and i decided to order a "wishing spell" from this houngan, "that i had the financial means to do the things that i wanted?" that i held of the utmost fortitude i would guess.
Not sure exactly where i went wrong but gradually, but ever since that year  start to feel more and more as if someone watching me and trying to hinder my relationship anyone especially now. I keep getting obscene lashes of jealous contemplation from unusual close family or strangers whether at work in public and especially from in the home, but its almost like it never happened and then it picks up again. I've become bashful have anti social tendencies and slowly becoming more concerned about the love life. Its grown so severe that its almost as if these suspecting individuals react almost telepathically to what i m doing and thinking.
I could laugh and joke with family i normally get along with and the next minute im getting sly mockery and reel over irrelevant endeavors from that person from anything from a trigger to a relationship with another unsuspecting person. Communicating with other people isn't usually difficult but am single and everything i do now is done roughly or under the radar as i am having this shadowy war with this very house.
I recently lost a rather great paying job granted by a relative after being the only unemployed person for 7 months in my household even out of my younger siblings and its only been 6 days which is unusual. I wish to have this job  and i wouldn't except anything less but That does it; I'm expecting a check soon and I've searched for this opportunity; and I hope that you receive this message so i can have your advice and what to do to turn this situation around to find some peace.
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08 Jul 2017
I've been with my husband for 9 years by pastors
I kindly ask for assistance, I’ve been with my husband of 9 years. Even though his mom and him from the beginning wanted a wife not girlfriend from me marriage or wedding was just not happening.
From the beginning he proposed and we got to live as husband and wife cause we both did not have a problem with that and have been loyal since however it still was torture after torture, arguments and disagreements all the way.
I sought for counselling including in his church which I was then attending having left mine so that we can have peace and love at home. We got to a point of getting married by the Pastor in 2013 and it was ok still continued as a husband and wife.
In all our years of being together somehow things are not and don’t feel like they should be. I have problems with him on top he adds his mom whom we’ve lived with in our house for 5years now, he also has a big daughter 25 years of age who’s double my size and disrespects me when she comes to my house. And now they arranging that she comes to live here permanent.
Sir all this and more has led to me seeking for divorce because all these years he’s not fixing anything. I’ve come to know and understand with my kids that he wants to be with his family not us and that’s fine now all I want is that he gives me what’s due to me which he refuses and lies about. When I met him he has none of everything he has including his permanent job he now has, as a matter of fact his mom came to ask for a job for him in the government office I was working for that’s where she met me.
The time we were married by our Pastors in church we never signed anything and he had long promised my parents to pay what’s due to him and they had no problem with it even more when I lost my job. When things went worse I asked that we meet with Pastor who married us , after she saw that I ask for divorce and he has no plan to work out his marriage even though he says he wants it then he said we must work out our separation that won’t disadvantage the kids.
He refuses to work out separation claiming that I should take my things and the kids get out if I’m not fine with how he is and how he does things. The Pastor has promised to write the proof of marriage but he later went alone to her after getting advises from people and now I see the Pastor is running away because they not certified to marry couples and if I contest that we could end up in court.
Now Sir all I’m asking is that this man be reasonable because I don’t wanna take Pastors to court cause I respect them. My husband must stop lies and sort this peacefully by sharing what we have and go our separate ways. I’m drained with fighting , since last year October he’s not working on separation but continues to trouble me I’m tired of it.
I don’t want something to deal with myself first but a solution to this issue then when I’m alone in my space I can sort out my life because with all this on my shoulders I have double trouble. I beg you to please help doctor Moosa as you the best spiritual healer in the world.
Thank you.
Kind regards,