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Africa powerful international spiritual Healer is here to provide you with cheap genuine services of Spiritual Healing with natural & Native Healing,Instant spell Casting Services solving most problems with sicknesses failed by other doctors/healers


Drmoosa's words & Testmony to his clients.

I have been sent to heal and promote African cultures through the powers given to me by my ancestral spirits from fore'fathers on the highest mountain in Africa(mt.Kilimanjaro) where i perform rituals to heal people and atlist am known as the most visited ritualist healer in the whole world.

The great  universal ancestors have seen that,most of their grand children who were sent to help people majority of them end up working against ancestor’s orders. that's why they sent me to come public. Who am i to reject  my fore'father's ancestral calling?

Therefore am here to help everyone regardless of their religion,tribe or colour in the following problems bellow;

I would like to forward my huge appreciations to my clients all over ther world whom have come public with their testmonies and supports. feel free & keep it up! God bless you!

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Quotes my name is Mrs Casandra When I married my husband I was already pregnant, He had a good job though so I was able to stay home and take care of our son when it was born. When we had our second child we moved to a bigger house, but then strange things started to happen.Things would fly off the walls and doors would slam at night. Our oldest son talked about seeing figures and hearing voices. After living there about a year, was when the bad luck started to happen. Everything started to fail, with my husband?s job, our money and our luck in general. I went back to the same medium and they told me that a spirit had followed me and placed a curse upon me for disturbing it and not being respectful in the previous house. He tried to remove it but was unable. But when I found DR moosa spell he finally did it. Things started turning around almost immediately after he cast the spell. HIS WeBSITE: http://www.spiritualherbalistdoctor.com HIM NOW FOR SOLUTION TO ALL YOUR PROBLEM Quotes
Casandra H from USA
people should always use drmoosa services.

Quotes Living without the one you love is the most painful thing on earth and I was in this situation for 5 month when the love of my life left me to another woman and try everything within my power to have him back for 4 month but no result until a girlfriend of my introduce me to Dr Moosa the spell caster on the internet who also help her to solve her problem when her husband left her with 2 kids and I truly contacted him and explain everything to him and he told me all I need to do is to send 1000 dollar for the items needed to performed a sacrifice and my problem will be solve and I truly give it a try and to my greatest surprise the love of my life came back that same week I contacted him and now am so excited without the one you love is not with you no happiness in life contact this powerful spell caster on email drmoosa2@gmail.com and your problem will be solved. Quotes
Coronel From UK
Satisfied client

Quotes Am Gloria bones from New York, and my phone number for reference is +1734560078 I was in a 8 year relationship with an amazing man. We were very much in love and talked about the future often. As time went on, I started to have many insecurities, fears and doubts about his love for me and my attitude and moods began to change as a result. We started fighting often and after six months of a rocky patch between us, he ended things.and told me he never wanted me any longer. i was like in hell, i taught i will never be happy any more until i meat a great spell caster priest Moosa who helped me in 3 days get my Ex back now am a very happy woman who is getting married in 3 months time. you can also be happy if you can contact priest Moosa for any kind of help, i assure you that he is the best i have come across in my life. you can contact priest Moosa Email for help.....drmoosa2@gmail.com Quotes
Gloria from America
Your satisfied Customer

Quotes Kristin IS MY NAME I have been standing for two years. Our faithful has been speaking to my husband in the far country. I stopped trying to get my husband back and started doing everything I could to walk uprightly before i met Dr moosa. Two days ago my husband told me he is moving back home. You can't tell me Drmoosa is not real He gets the glory for doing the impossible. I'm still standing and will keep on standing as I watch and see what Dr moosa is going to do in our marriage.here is email address:drmoosa2@gmail.com Quotes
Kristin IS MY NAME
Thank you Dr moosa

Quotes I and my lover had been apart for 7 months until my sister told me about a spell caster who had helped her, She said the man was very powerful and that he could help me too. The name of this powerful man is doctor moosa, after I contacted drmoosa in the next 48 hours my ex lover came back to me on his knees begging for my forgiveness and for me to accept him back. It was unbelievable as I was very surprised and happy I finally have him back after several attempts trying to get him back.dr Moosa spell is too strong and contains no negative effect because it?s just like the love spell opened his eyes for him to see how much I truly love him. I have believe doctor moosa can help everyone too, email: drmoosa2@gmail.com and his website: http://www.spiritualherbalistdoctor.com Quotes

Quotes My name is Carolina. i have read testimonies about this great spell caster called Dr.moosa how he helped people to bring their lover back. so i decide to give him a try, i am here today to give my own testimony on how this great brought my ex back within 48 hours for just to contact him. this girl has broke up with me over 6weeks but she came back just within 48 hours that Dr moosa said he will make her to come. just contact this man and he will bring your ex back here is his email address mail. drmoosa2@gmail.com. or call +27783261944. i thank god to reach the website www.drmoosa.webs.com where i got him. Quotes
My name is Carolina from Egland
am totally satisfied

Quotes Hello every body on this site i want to share my testimony on how i got back my lover with the help of a spell caster from Africa, i have contact so many spell caster but no way out on till a friend of mine told me about this man name PRIEST MOOSA i contacted him about my relationship he promise to help me out, After he has caster the spell he called me and told me that my lover will come back to me in 48 hours time truly truly my lover called me and ask me to forgive her and that she will be coming back to the house i was shocked to hear that am so happy to share this with the whole world ..Thanks to you priest moosa for the help you have render to me and my household i will always remain great full to you ... I will advice you all out there that are having problems to contact this great man for help and you will be happy to see your problem over CONTACT HIM _via email drmoosa@hotmail.com __OR CALL HE +27783261944 Quotes
Good doctor

Quotes Good day to you all, my name is VICTOR WILSON I never believe in love spells until I experience spell caster www.spiritualherbalistdoctor.com, and after he cast a love spell for me, my ex called me to apologize for the pain that she has caused me and till today we are living a happy family, and she brought joy to my life relationship. once again thanks to Dr.moosa for the wonderful works that he has done for me. And if you are experiencing any problem with your partner, I will advise you to contact Drmoosa spell caster and I assure you that he will help you. Email: drmoosa@hotmail.com Quotes
Thank you doc for help

Quotes I am Klien from Milan Italy, During my search on the internet for help to get my lover back i came across this wonderful man called Dr.moosa who did a nice job by helping me to get my lover back within 48 hours.. I never believe that such things like this can be possible but now i am a living testimony to it because Dr. actually brought my lover back, If you are still doubting why not contact Dr.moosa on drmoosa2@gmail.com or call him on +27783261944, Then i promise you that after 48 hours you will have reasons to celebrate like me.. i got him on this website : http://www.spiritualherbalistdoctor.com. KLIEN MILAN, ITALY Quotes
Satisfied client

Quotes salam , i vote that you are the best healer in this world may allah bless you with good life Insha allah. i never knew that i will ever have a man in my life to my age of 47. wonderful that am a happily married woman and 2 month pregnant! shukran once again yours Jamirah. N. from Dubai- UAE Quotes
Jamirah .N
shukran Dr.moosa
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Thank you for visiting local and international spiritual guru on this site. Feel free to ask where you do not understand! or Call:+27783261944. Email: drmoosa@hotmail.com


Improve your life by visiting this wonderful noble spiritual healer , a spell caster blessed with healing skills and unbeatable spiritual powers of solving problems. 

He also blessed to cast powerful Spells with the help of  powerful spiritual powers, his spells are done unique ways to fulfil clients goals. If you are new or you have been disappointed by other spell casters and healers who have failed to provide you with the results they promised you and you're stuck with no option of achieving or solving your problem, its time you contact him, the most powerful and spiritually gifted spell caster from the royal family.

If you are stuckly dancing in poverty, debts , dont wory, Just come and he install a magic money making spirits in your body and you see how money will flow on you like rain before a dark cloud. Its amazing but true. He has ever done it and he is still doing it .

 View testimonies of happy clients.


I had a problem with my manhood. It was so small and short that my friends used to laugh at me wherever I would tell them about it. I even failed to propose to girls as I was afraid that they would laugh at me as well. I was advised to see dr. Moosa. I went to the doctor and he gave me some cream to rub on my penis every morning for 5 days. I couldn’t believe my eyes after seeing how big and long my penis had become after 5 days of administering this cream. He advised me to stop using the cream after achieving the size I wanted. I am now so happy after realizing that the results are permanent. ( Kerb Mthotozhi - East London South Africa). My client reference no. 86509

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This spiritual doctor successfully perform all kinds of Energy Healing and Atonement with the help of Higher Self experience, Higher Spiritual Beings, your Soul and your Higher Self. The Ultimate source of all Beings is God's Ultimate reality. This magic healer work with a wide variety and spectrum of energy and spiritual frequencies, so can provide energetic healing support and atonement to people in lot of areas. His goal is to share with you a quality Remote Healing, Reiki healing and Spiritual transformation services, which should heal yourself & others and let you finally recognize the Divine in You and in All.

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  • "i have got a lot of evil problems in my life, i sleep and dream snakes and dead people raising up and want be human again and they call me to follow them, i lost all my money ..."
    My name is sandra Laure, from France
    hey, Dr. moosa
  • "I and my lover had been apart for 7 months until my sister told me about a spell caster who had helped her, She said the man was very powerful and that he could help me too. The..."
  • "Hello every body on this site i want to share my testimony on how i got back my lover with the help of a spell caster from Africa, i have contact so many spell caster but no w..."
    Good doctor


 He use strong herbs & magic spells as well as powerful ancestors.Get healed today by this greatest miracle doctor who has healed many people through his experienced ancestors. Join the rest of the world to cerebrate his miracle healings. He can even read and tell you your problems before you say any thing to him. He can connect you to talk to the spirit of a deceased of your familly member or friend. .He can also tell you your future through reading palm,playcard, a mirror/water. He uses many ways of healing just to make sure that he certisfy his clients all over the world. Dr moosa is the only traditional healer who does fully corresponds with all religious beliefs.

No matter whatever cultural background or religious believer you are,but as long as you're a human being. This can be the solution of your problems. Dont say this does work before you try it out.


Call Him to visit you any where worldwide.


Stop hating and worring about your marriage. He is among the world's most male award winning marriage consultant who has fixed many african's troubled marriages.

Though his miracle powers, he can solve many complications in human lives spiritually.

Do you need marriage proposal?

Do you want your lover back?

Are you stuck with financial / or Debts troubles?

Are you suffering because of bad luck?

Are you being forced into a devorce?

Do you need to clean your house from Evils & witch-crafts?

He solve court cases even if some one is convicted and he make the success of appeal.

He solve sexual weakness ,and enlarge men's penis,solve ealy ejaculations and poor erections.

Stop hating your rough skins, he treat skin infections, HIV symptoms, body pains, and long illnesses.

Is your husband having an affairs and you suspect him to cheat on you or a wife?

Is he/she weak in bed or stingy with money? doesn't he/she want to give you what you ask for?

Is there some body jealous with your relationship and try to seperate you? especialy relatives?

Is your patner delaying your marriage or dont want to give you a child

Dr moos also have the mixed remedies to cure defiant diseases like:- Asthma, Diabetes, HIV&AIDS,Blood pressure, long illnesses, Cancer, lung infection, and many more..

All unfinished jobs by other healers or doctors, if not satisfied, just come to him to help you.

My grand mother gave me a saying that whatever you do voluntarily ,you benefit in it voluntarily later and whatever you offer freely, Later you can be rewarded with a surprising benefit in return.

So try whatever and wherever in any way of your own with however effort you can to promote this information you see on this website otherwise make this website seen by majority of people  or spread this website all over the world , The great spirits  of the ancestors you don't see or The God of our ancestors may chose to surprise you with a great reward depending on your intentions. you may take this message for granted, but it has happened to many of people who did it.   Have a look at frequent testimonies at   << testimonies page.>>>>


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